Immersive Wellness

Eliamos invites you to indulge in staying well and to enjoy contemporary wellbeing enhanced by the allure of the Greek islands. Surrounded by the splendid Kefalonian sea and countryside, rejuvenate the body, mind and soul with spaces to move, relax or stretch in. Remain faithful to your health goals, sync up with nature’s rhythms and bask in its unrivalled healing powers. Surrounded by lush nature, connect to the root of all life from your verdant Kefalonian sanctuary.

Eliamos Spa

At Eliamos’ 2-private rooms Spa, enjoy blissful relaxation with a delightful menu of massage treatments to revive your spirit. With organic and regional products harnessing the beneficial properties of nature’s produce, Eliamos Spa treatments will soothe sore muscle, relieve stress and reveal your inner glow in the most natural way possible. Indulge in a well-deserved pampering session and make the most out of your vacation on Kefalonia.

Holistic Wellness

Taking care of your body becomes an enjoyable part of your revitalising vacation on Kefalonia where health takes centre stage without imposing rules or restrictions. Within our verdant haven listen to your body, calm your mind and restore your energy from the inside out.

Morning Yoga Sessions

Begin your day immersed in tranquility and wellness with our complimentary morning yoga sessions. Every day, from 8 to 9 AM, indulge in an hour of serenity guided by our expert instructor Eva. With a maximum of eight participants per session, we ensure an intimate setting that allows for personalised attention and caters to all skill levels. To complete the experience, we provide energising drinks after each session, helping you replenish and prepare for the day ahead. Simply sign up at the reception at least one day in advance to secure your spot in this enriching journey of body and mind!

Pilates & Private Sessions

Step outside and try an invigorating Reformer Pilates session helping you focus on core strength and muscle engagement and emerge revitalised and ready to take on the day. Private sessions for yoga, pilates and more are available upon arrangement with the reception or directly with Eva.

Common Pool

Get away to do laps or just chill in our common salt-water pool and lounging area.

Wooden Gym

Visit Eliamos’ wooden gym and get your heart pumping with a dynamic weighted workout. Offer yourself a welcome endorphin boost on the fitness equipment in our modern, outdoor gym, spin on state-of-the-art Nohrd bikes and test your skills on the rowers, keeping you keeping you active, glowing and fit.

Best Rate GuaranteeFlexible Cancellations & PaymentsRoundtrip Transfers (6+ Nights)15% Off All Wellness, Spa & Pilates Sessions