Our Philosophy

Carefree Summer Days

Welcome to Eliamos Villas Hotel & Spa, Kefalonia’s five-star sanctuary where nature reigns supreme, carefree summer days unfold under the Ionian sun and taking care of oneself is as enjoyable as it is enriching!

Here guests can slow down, pause, take a deep breath and let the magical ambience rekindle their bond with nature, tune into their health and reconnect with what matters most.

Eliamos’ modern village is comprised of 12 spacious villas and maisonettes looking out to dazzling sea vistas or quiet olive gardens, exuding the comfortable familiarity of a summer’s retreat, yet with five-star amenities and convenience.

Holistic Wellness

Nature-based relaxation and wellness are key at Eliamos. With an outdoor gym facing the sea, professional yoga and pilates sessions and a salt-water pool, Eliamos redefines the holiday, planting its roots in nature’s healing powers. Within Eliamos’ Spa, massages and pampering treatments allow guests to cast their gaze within and bask in serenity.

Harnessing the power of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Eliamos gives way to earthy yet refined dishes with a health-conscious approach. Eliamos will entice you to disconnect from devices and reconnect with people and nature. Bonding with family, friends old or new and loved ones happens organically, where the atmosphere alone encourages togetherness.


Eliamos seeks sustainability throughout and is committed to preserving nature, an element that permeates the hotel’s philosophy and manifests itself throughout the experience. Imbued with the beauty of life, humbled by nature’s powers and closer than ever with those nearest and dearest, guests will enjoy an amazing Kefalonian eden.

Of course, our location reminds us to preserve nature and Eliamos will seek to operate more sustainably, starting from us providing you with your own refillable water bottle on arrival to looking after the local sea turtles. We will seek to operate sustainably and in an eco-friendly, in our commitment to the environment.

An oasis of wellbeing & serenity

Eliamos enjoys dazzling views across the Ionian Sea and captivates the senses with a balanced blend of natural beauty, comfort and modern, earthy living. Secluded but just a short distance from stunning beaches, sceneries and towns, Eliamos ensures a stay of sun and sea fused with sophistication. The experience is complemented by healthy living and encourages you to reconnect with self, family and friends.

Discover a Kefalonian sanctuary that renews your zest for life and optimism. Join us and immerse yourself in an oasis of natural splendour, wellbeing and refined aesthetics that promises to become your home away from home.

Private, Serene, Sensational

Eliamos rests in tranquil southern Kefalonia, an island bestowed with much unspoilt beauty. The flourishing estate looks out to the glistening sea and sits just 20 minutes by car from Argostoli, the island’s capital, full of seaside restaurants, squares, bars and cafés to relax in.

Eliamos is perched above a “secret” cove with a secluded beach, reachable with a short downhill walk and in close proximity to various small beaches such as Avithos or Trapezaki beach. Makris Gialos beach, close to Argostoli, is 15 minutes away for those looking for a busier beach with café bar and more. Further afield the beautiful stone beach of Antisamos and the quaint towns of Assos and Fiskardo wait to be discovered.

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